Union Carbide Reports

Full Report


"Accident and Mortality Data on Rinehart and Dennis Company Employees and Miscellaneous Data on Silicosis"

by Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation
March 10, 1936.

A 111-page data collection authored by Union Carbide laying out the case for their innocence. Includes valuable information on the burials of employees who died on the job, the rolls of undertaker H. C. White, and transcriptions of news reels reporting on silicosis. See The Hawk's Nest Incident by Martin Cherniack (Yale, 1989) for an analysis and refutation of the company's statistical arguments presented here. 


Summary Report


"Memorandum on Silicosis Allegations"

by Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation
ca. 1936

A 53-page narrative summary report of Union Carbide's argument, including sections like "Availability of Respirators," "Silicosis Racket," and "Death Expectancy of Employees."


Comments on Hearings


"Comment on Hearings Before Subcommittee of the Committee on Labor, House of Representatives, 74th Congress, Second Session, on H. J. RES. 449"

by Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation
ca. 1936

Union Carbide's indexed response to the House Labor Committee's 10-day hearing on Hawk's Nest in January of 1936, defending against most of the claims made by victims and witnesses, including Charles and Emma Jones, Arthur Peyton, George Robinson, and others. (An abridged transcript of the hearing can be found here.) Neither the company nor its contractor, Rinehart & Dennis, appeared before the committee. The latter contributed a written response, which can be found at the end of this document.